How It Works!

At we constantly offer best and most interesting Organic Makeup products and services, always at the best market price, in order to offer them to our customers either in the form of offers or discount coupons.

Our low and unbeatable prices offered, are the result of our 5 yearlong experiences in 35 countries and now in Cyprus. This is reflected in best market manufacturer alliances, shortening the supply chain, while the middle man’s profits/commissions are passed to our customers, resulting in lower end customer price.

Moreover, our customers experience is further enhanced with our after sale support and assistance. In the event of a product failure, due to defects in material and workmanship, warranty is offered according to the manufacturer warranty terms and policies, starting date of purchase. Our customers can have the product failure verified by our support personnel or even choose to have us arrange contact with the manufacturer’s support team directly.

According to EU policies the standard warranty offered is 2 years based on the specifications of the manufacturer’s warranty on each product. Warranty covers only those defects that arise as a result of normal use of the product and does not cover any other problems and that products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the duration described on the product description. A replacement product offered is according to the stock availability of the importer.

All orders are eligible for cancellation, within 24 hours from payment and while the customer has not received and used the product or service purchased. In cases where the product is delivered by courier service, the transportation costs cannot be refunded.


Customers can review product and services offerings on our website and make selections to add to the shopping cart for their corresponding purchase and proceed to ‘check-out’ step, even without an existing account in our system.

The system will then verify user identification information by asking the user to complete his/hers personal identification details.

For new users, that have not previously registered and therefore cannot be verified, the system will redirect to register an account and then proceed to order confirmation.

During, the new user registration process, the system will require the user to provide the following information:

• Name

• Surname

• Email address (to be used as username)

• Password

• Password confirmation

Finally, customer is required to provide credit card details, before the order is confirmed and completed.

Customers can choose to receive our regular newsletter, to keep informed about our company news and announcements as well as new product, services and promotions offered, by selecting the corresponding option.

Offers, Validity and Quantity

Every product or service offer is defined by its validity information.

In other words, choosing an offer can only be done within the specified time that appears on each offer or coupon, for which the offer or coupon is valid. Offers are usually valid for 1-2 days, however if the manufacturer’s offering is extended, then we will adjust our offering accordingly.

Once the time validity has expired (overdue) offers are not eligible for ordering.

‘Group deals’ are available and these are described by the product quantity available. Group deals are valid and offered only for the total quantity available indicated.

As an example of how Group Deals work, consider for following case scenario:

In case that we decide to offer a volume product bundle, let’s say an offer of 5 Nail Polishes bundle, valid only for 2 days.

The bundle will show up on our website valid for the period of 2 days, and with a total quantity of 5 Pencils.

As customers choose to purchase the above offer, we only authorize the corresponding amount, until the total quantity has been ordered by one or more customers.

The amount is only authorized/allocated by the customer’s bank but no money transfer takes place until order(s) for all 5 phones have been placed by one or more customers.

In case the valid time of the offer has expired, and the total available quantity is not reached /ordered, then we inform each customer accordingly and a refund (release of the amount) is issued.

In ‘common’ Offers, the quantity available is usually unlimited; however should any limitations apply the system will indicate the remaining quantity in stock


Invite your friends on Facebook, Twitter or via email, in order to complete the required quantity of the group deal you are interested in, and to increase your chances to secure the offer!

You may also choose to send you friends a gift or a coupon to enjoy one of our many special offers.

Delivery Methods

Goods are delivered with courier service and customers may choose, upon order placement, to have their shipment delivered to their premises or for pick up from a courier’s collection location.

Coupon orders are delivered via email to the customer’s specified email address, by issuing the corresponding coupon(s) in a printable form.

Customers may print and present the coupon to the corresponding Item for redemption.