About ZAO

ZAO is Essence of Nature!
Made with 100% natural ingredients, essential minerals, organic oils and butters, antioxidants, amino and fatty acids.

ZAO is an eco-luxury line of performance-based makeup!
Made in Italy under the highest cosmetology standards. Smooth application, colour true and long lasting. It is formulated to nourish, beautify and protect even the most sensitive skin.

ZAO is Beauty with a Conscience!
Chemical-free and internationally certified, “Organic”, by the most prestigious worldwide certification agencies, EcoCert and CosmeBio.

ZAO is Distinctive!
Silky textures, dazzling colors, superb coverage, yet lightweight luxury that will captivate every woman’s senses.

ZAO is Ecological!
Sustainable, biodegradable and or reusable natural bamboo packaging in a cotton pouch to reduce waste and pollution.

ZAO is Innovative!
With a refill system that allows for ease of colour interchange.

ZAO is Global!
Sold in 36 European countries, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, Iran USA and various other.

ZAO the Essence of Beauty… Naturally